Piri-Stretcher® PRO


Piri-Stretcher® PRO


Miracle Stretch® Piri-Stretcher® PRO

The Piri-Stretcher® is an easy to use and amazingly effective, self-guided solution which helps pain suffers target the elusive piriformis muscle.  The newly patented Piri-Stretcher® can be used at home or in the clinic to target, isolate and stretch the piriformis muscles.

The PRO Model is designed slightly larger with thicker neoprene and more reinforcement stitches (both thigh & calf). The PRO provides the most robust and sturdy material with the added size option -- also great for individuals who may want or need to share the Piri-Stretcher® between users of different sizes. It also comes with an extended 45 Day return guarantee. (less S&H) 

LIMITED-TIME OFFER! Bonus Travel Satchel ($16.95 Value) for easy, on the go use and storage! Plus the Stretching Guide featuring successful methods and stretching techniques for using the Piri-Stretcher® for the best, most optimal stretching of piriformis muscles.

No Risk with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
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