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Piri-Stretcher by Miracle Stretcher - How to Use

Piri-Stretcher by Miracle Stretch

The Piri-Stretcher® is constructed with high quality water and sweat proof neoprene including two flexible straps allowing for a one size custom fit.

The Piri-Stretcher® has an easy to use Hook & Loop fastening system and is designed for two levels of stretching by using the Long Strap for light piriformis stretching and a the short strap for deep muscle stretching.

The Piri-Strecher® is machine or hand washable and can be used with the satchel for travel.  Order Today!


How to Use the Piri-Stretcher

How to Use the Piri-Stretcher Piri-Stretcher _ How to Use Step 1
Piri-Stretcher® by Miracle Stretch®

Step 1 - "Fasten Piri-Stretcher® around right leg centered over knee. The longer strap with Miracle Stretch® Logo should be wrapped around your thigh and the shorter strap secured around your calf. The Piri-Stretcher® handle should be positioned over knee and the 'Ankle-Zone' label over your thigh.

Piri-Stretcher - How to Use How to Use the Piri-Stretcher - Step 2
A light warm up is recommended before stretching.® Step 2 - Once the Piri-Stretcher® is secured, lay on your back,and bend your right leg slightly. Then place your left foot on top of your right leg (as if your crossing your legs) so that your left ankle is resting on the area marked 'Ankle-Zone'. Now you are ready to use either the long pull strap for light stretching or the shorter pull strap for a deeper more advanced stretch.
Piri-Stretcher - How to Use How to Use the Piri-Stretcher - Step 3

Light exercise helps with warmer more elastic muscles. Best position to target piriformis muscle and relieve
pressure on nerves.

Step 3 - "Using both hands, grip the Piri-Stretcher® handle and gently pull toward your chest and hold for 15 to 30 seconds. As you pull you will feel your left piriformis muscle begin to stretch. As with any stretch, you may experience some discomfort however if you feel severe discomfort, stop and consult your doctor.


Importance of Stretching:

It is good practice to perform the general warm-up before you stretch. It is not a good idea to attempt to stretch before your muscles are warm (something which the general warm-up accomplishes).

Warming up can do more than just loosen stiff muscles; when done properly, it can actually improve performance. On the other hand, an improper warm-up, or no warm-up at all, can increase your risk of injury from engaging in athletic activities.

If you stretch properly, you should not be sore the day after you have stretched.  If you are, then it may be an indication that you are overstretching and that you need to go easier on your muscles by reducing the intensity of some (or all) of the stretches you perform. Cold stretches (without any warm-up) are not recommended as it's an easy way to "overstretch".

During a stretch (even when you stretch properly) you may feel some amount of discomfort. The difficulty is being able to discern when it is too much. If you feel pain then you should ease up immediately and discontinue the stretch. You should feel the tension in your muscle, and perhaps even light, gradual "pins and needles", but if it becomes sudden, sharp, or uncomfortable, then you are overdoing it.

Once the general warm-up has been completed, the muscles are warmer and more elastic. Immediately following your general warm-up, you can engage in some slow, relaxed, static stretching. The Piri-Stretcher® will target the ilusive piriformis muscles helping give immediate relief to pain caused by Piriformis Syndrome allowing you to get back to a pain free life.  Order Today!